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Professional and Safe Animal Removal

Call (574) 203-2085 to hire the licensed company that will perform animal removal from your property in South Bend, IN. We are professionals with 14 years of wildlife control and pest extermination. Coach Pest Solutions - South Bend’s team is ready to take any service in a residential or commercial property. We will perform regular inspection and control of any vermin and insect. Tell us what problem you have and our team will come and deal with it at a reasonable price. We have only customized services and we even offer a 1-year warranty on our termite service.


Sometimes it happens so that the wild animals come too close to our property and us. This may be dangerous for us and for them. This is why we created our animal removal service. We know that the wild animals are just trying to survive and if they had another option they would stay away from the people. That is why when we receive a call with a request to deal with this kind of situation the first thing we do is check your property. Our expert will determine the problem in details and find the best method to remove the animal without hurting it.


Prevention of wildlife invasion on your property is rarely possible. We know that and that is why we are ready to perform animal removal to save you from the teeth, diseases, and parasites of the wildlife. We use various in size and type traps and environmentally safe products. Our team will attend to the problem and protect your property in no time. During the removal of the wild animal, we follow all safety and security protocols of Coach Pest Solutions - South Bend.


Call us for any wildlife control in South Bend, IN and we will save your property from the animals. We are also experts in termite removal, insect and rodent control, removal of wild animals like squirrels and bats. We will perform regular mosquito control by spraying your lawn. Hire us to install automatic insect control and pest prevention systems and never worry about an infestation of any kind!



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