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How to Choose the Best Pest Control Technique

Prevention is vital to avoid a termite infestation. Should this already happen, any wood within your home will be eaten by 15 pounds every week. There are numerous types of termite protection, such as soil and wood treatments and the mechanical alteration of your home. What can a pest control technician say about it?

Termites love soft wood, this is usually the result of humid and wet conditions. Keeping your home dry, and free of debris, like paper and cardboard, is what is needed to prevent a termite infestation. Begin by verifying you do not have any wood around your property, like wooden supports or fence posts. Should you have them, remove them immediately, replacing them with metal ones. Ensure you have rain gutters, and they drain away from your property in order to avoid any wooden supports from getting wet, which will attract termites.

Soil treatment is an excellent method against termites, this method involves digging a trench, which is a minimum of 6 inches deep around the in and outside of your perimeter foundation wall. A barrier should be created around foundation walls, chimneys and pilasters in order to block any access. Once the trench is dug, termiticide that is combined with water should be added.

When constructing a new house, ask the carpenters to use pressure treated wood in order to prevent termite infestation. Should the property be 2 stories, then the pressure-treated wood will only be needed to be used from the ground, to the first floor. Pressure-treated wood is not liked by termites, because it is treated with termiticide. Should your home already have been built, you can stop termites by injecting the termiticide into the wood and brushing it over the outside, pest control professionals inform.

Should you already have an infestation in spite of the protection techniques, you need to undertake other measures, like termite bait or chemicals. These are best done by a professional termite exterminator, that has assess the extent of an infestation, and advise on the best ways to get rid of them.

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